Fighters in the making

Not only gymnastics or skating have their prodigious girls, but also wrestling; because she seems like a simple teenager but in the ring she becomes the agile and spectacular Baby Love, a young fighter who spends her afternoons in the gym and prefers leave her identity and age in the mystery. She started training at the age of nine and since 2014 she is inserted in professionalism, sport is her main occupation, she trains daily both in the gym and in the ring under the tutelage of her teachers Potro Jr. and Golden, always with the support unconditional of his parents. “In wrestling I discovered many things that I am capable of doing with my body, that I have great strength but above all a great courage when climbing into a ring to demonstrate what I have learned …” comments the also known by the fans as ” the sweet girl “

Baby Love


Sucii Love, Azucena Bautista, 24 years old is the young university student who continuously and almost always on weekends, travels from her native Zacatecas by bus to the city of Monterrey, to fight, attracted by her character as a socioeconomic epicenter in the north of the city, and the fight scenarios such as the LLF.



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