Support Us!

If you want to become a funding-producer make us a bank deposit for the amount you prefer, little or a lot, all help.

Make a deposit at…

Bank: Banamex (Mexico)

Account Holder: Orlando Jímenez Ruíz

Account: 6254964

Clabe: 002180037862549645

with the concept: Women’s Arena donation

You can also contibute by buying one of the following art pieces donated by the artists: Lourdes Grobet and Sergio Arau.  

The total amount of the sale of these pieces will go directly to the post-production fund of the film.

This pieces can only be bought by bank deposit. 

Home delivery.

“Fray Tormenta” (Analog photography – digital printing) 

by photographer – Lourdes Grobet – signed and framed. 

Fray Tormenta

Sale Price: $15,000.00 MXN

NOTE: Check auction price

Glicé print on cotton paper with wrestling motifs (Art Nacó),

by the artist – Sergio Arau – 

Glicé serialized and numbered. Measures: Print 29 cm x 23 cm, paper 40 cm x 30 cm, frame 43 cm x 33 cm with anti-reflective glass.

Primera caída

Sale Price: $3,500.00 MXN

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