Legends of the ring

Irma Aguilar and Irma González

Irma González and Irma Aguilar / Survivors of the first litter of Mexican wrestlers formed in Mexico.

irma gonzalez luchadora-luchadoras aaa
Irma González

Irma Morales, was born on August 20, 1936 in Cuernavaca, Morelos and lived his childhood in the circus of his father, who worked as a clown, but the circus burned. So in 1955, when she was only twelve years old, Irma was forced to get into the ring driven by economic need: then she changed her surname to González and began to fight like Irma González using only what she had learned in the acrobatics.

Irma González

We want to ask him if it is true that he arrived in Monterrey selected by Jack O’brien and Emilio Charles, who began to prepare a group of Mexicans for the art of keys and counter keys, under the orders of the promoter Chucho Garza, and from there they emerged those that today are legends of the feminine fight: Toña The Tapatía, Chabela Romero and Irma González. At the beginning of her career and faced with the prohibition of her husband to remain in the pankration, she fought masked as La Novia del Santo (The Saint bride), with the authorization of the legendary masked silver El Santo.

Irma González became an idol of the fight and her encounters against her great and eternal rival are legendary: Chabela Romero, her fame made her reach the USA and Japan to face wrestlers from those latitudes, as well as more than 60 years of experience. wrestling his daughter, who also dedicated herself to pankration, the also champion, of no lesser quality, famous and traveled, Irma Aguilar, today English teacher.

Irma Aguilar
Irma Aguilar

To date, Irma González, although she has body ailments, is a trainer of new values ​​in a gym in Ecatepec, State of Mexico, the municipality where she currently lives.

Lola – Dinamite – González was born on March 2, 1959 in Ciudad Juárez and debuted as a fighter on July 17, 1975 in Nuevo Casas Grandes, hence her odyssey to the center of the republic and other places.

lola dinamita González luchadora en DuckDuckGo
Lola – Dinamite – González

Lola González lived in her own flesh along with other of her colleagues the government veto imposed since the 1950s and into the 1980s in Mexico City, which forbade women to fight. She do not hesitate to look in other states the places that made her a spearhead and an example for the other fighters, until finally the veto in the capital ceased and she and the other colleagues could appear in the main venues and write one of the richer trajectories in the history of women’s wrestling.

Lola Dinamita González 1
Lola – Dinamite – González

All the wrestlers mentioned are just some of the amazons of Mexican wrestling, and also simple women, of flesh and blood, with goals, joys and worries as anyone, we want to interview and film them in their daily lives, how its struggle and strength are key to sustain a world of fantasy or representations within the sports spectacle, which at the same time serves and catharses with a world of raw realities, in which the pain, the injuries, the sacrifice and the hard of this trade are constantly manifested.


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