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Based on work, effort, dreams and enthusiasm, promoter Luciano García, 47 years old, founded LLF in December 1999, started in different positions at wrestling and gyms until 2002 which was the year he founded on what was a mechanical workshop inherited from his father the Arena Femenil Monterrey (Monterrey Female Arena) “The feminine wrestling is something that I was passionate about since I saw it for the first time, tht’s why I’m the first fan of LLF, I do this for my passion, if it were for an economic cause I would not do anything really …” he says.

Luciano García – promotor

Angel Arredondo is the DJ and almost randomly, master of ceremonies of LLF, he program and organize along with Luciano the functions, also part of the archive and administrator of social networks of the promotion company. It is one of the main voices of the place for what we intend to be the narrator of this story.

Ángel Arredondo
Ángel Arredondo

Panda is a freak character from LLF, he been working at the promotion just over five years. He have family, wife and two kids, with Luciano has a rock-punk music band. His corpulence, mask, hair and equipment full of patches, with his brandy voice and his lack of agility make the panda the perfect counterpoint, or sacred clown, par excellence. Said the connoisseurs of wrestling that referees do the pepper of the broth, but in the case of the panda is the bone with marrow, the best part among the beautiful.

Panda Reféri

Pedro Ibarra, Pedrito, is an important part of LLF, a tireless and unconditional collaborator of the woman fighters and her employer Luciano García, Pedro is the main person in charge of assembling the ringand the from the Women’s Arena for every show.


Other probable incidental characters (briefly interviewed) are the wrestlers Estrellita, Princess Sugeith, Dark Angel, the photographer Roberto Acosta El Solitario, and the historian Andrés Pérez Sustaita.


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