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Diana the Huntress (Diana La Cazadora)  is the experienced and athletic Alma Corina Gutiérrez, single mother, nutritionist, therapist and communicator, support and support of her daughter, university student and single mother as Diana was. Rather, Diana has the rhythm of her arrow, throwing herself from one side of the city to the other, attending trainings, functions, therapies, calls and friendships.

Diana the Huntress

Cruel, robust, beautiful and aggressive, she is … Chacala, who seems drawn by the pen of David Crumb creator of giant, voluptuous, strong, beautiful and Amazonian women, Carolina Villanueva Escobedo, her name of battle for life, is actually of a fragile and sweet character, she works as a gym’s secretary, his son Orlando lives in California and is a high-school student, she visitis him every year.


The Righteous (La Justiciera). Originally from Reynosa, Tamaulipas, athletic Lucía González Calderón, 44, started in wrestling for a brother who took her to a gymnasium because she loved El Santo movies. Once she fought, she felt inside those films, is currently one of the fighters with better preparation and traveled fighters, lives in the gym, is his addiction, he worked even with the great legends and royal promoters, in venues and functions that until date are remembered “I reached something of the golden age of wrestling, before it was very different from now. ” Lucia is disappointed in the current wrestling and the level of some of her colleagues, she blame those fighters for letting wrestling decayed as a favorite show by the public that no longer attend the arenas, says the lack of preparation of the fighters and the world of entertainment has suffocated with its tentacles to the detriment of classic wrestling.

La Justiciera
La Justiciera

Lady Flammer (of hidden identity) is 20 years old and is a student of criminalistics in addition to being the current Champion of the LLF. She debuted professionally as a child and is the daughter of the experienced wrestler, the Red Flammer who has founded her dynasty with her children, of whom he is the main trainer. Lady Flammer has a career on the rise and recently had an appearance on a national television program, which gave him a great projection of his image, “I want my mask known internationally” says the fighter that despite his youth and thanks to its sport discipline, it is respected and known trough Mexico.

Lady Flammer

Baby Puma is another twenty-year-old fighter who also made her childhood debut. Despite her young age, she says, “I’ve lived and seen a lot that I’d like to tell.” she is also a member of another dynasty, that of the fighter Ultratomb her father, the dynasties that are not more than a way in which a school or discipline endures through the family tradition in the show, has its origin in the circus but other disciplines like wrestling have adopted it. Baby Puma has had to overcome the prejudices and stereotypes that fall on her when exercising this and other professions, nowadays she is almost totally separated from the wrestling environment but she considers that it will never stop being part of her, today she faces new searches and personal challenges without ceasing to be a warrior.

Baby Puma


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