Hello! We are Orlando Jiménez Ruíz, film director, communicologist and researcher of wrestling, cinema and popular cultures, and Juan Carlos Valdez film producer and photographer; and above all we are huge wrestling fans.

We are Jinetes Sampleadores, which is an association dedicated to the production, research and development of experiences related to the arts, wrestling, urban cycling and film clubbing.

Orlando jiménez Ruíz – Director
Juan Carlos Valdez – Productor & Photography
Pauline Le Duc - Editora
Pauline Le Duc – Editor
Eduardo Radríguez – Art
Vero Lazos – Photography


If you want to do an economic contribution make a deposit to…

Bank: Banamex

Account Holder: Orlando Jimenez Ruíz

Account: 6254964

Clabe: 002180037862549645

with the concept: women’s donation

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